A cup of gravel with Amity Rockwell

Caffeinated dirt is the best dirt

Last week I launched the first episode of “In the Garage” with the inimitable Karen Jarchow. This week, episode two features an equally badass rider who, coincidentally, happens to be the reigning champion of Unbound Gravel (formerly DK).

Ladies and gents, please welcome Amity Rockwell to the seat of honor in my garage!

Sure, you know Amity’s good at riding bikes. And you probably know she’s lightly obsessed with coffee. (Who among us isn’t?)

But did you know she has a traveling companion she takes everywhere? It’s not human, and she met it at a hardware store. It’s just as odd as it sounds…

Of course, we get to the important stuff, too. Amity recently started a Discord channel exclusively for women riders in need of information — whether that’s guidance on how to ride, where to ride, what to buy, racing tips, and much more. You can get direct access to Amity and enjoy a community specifically designed to give women a resource without the judgement.

Join the Discord channel here: Amity’s Fast Friends Discord channel

GENTLEMEN, TAKE NOTE: This Discord channel is NOT FOR YOU so please do not sign up. It’s for women/womxn and non-binary individuals only.

And follow Amity on Instagram here.

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In the mean time, feel free to watch a video in which my wife heckles me ruthlessly, just off camera. Because love. Click below to watch:

My second anatomy lesson on Preem TV

Over at Preem TV, my second video has gone live. It’s all about the mysterious front derailleur, something just about every cyclist has cursed, kicked, or otherwise derided while attempting to dial it in so it doesn’t throw a chain.

I give you the basics of what the front derailleur is, and how it works. The FD is your friend, friends! Click on the image above to watch.

Science is cool. Forks are squishy.

Over at Bikerumor, I wrote a piece about a cool new product coming out that gets inserted into your air fork. And somehow it makes your fork more supple. Wut?

Carbon Air is basically an activated carbon insert, and it allows you to adjust your sag and stroke independent of each other. Click here to find out how.

Photo of the day: Antwerpen wheels

This photo contains a bike, but it’s really about coffee.

Once upon a time, way back in the land of 2015, I was in Antwerp, Belgium covering the Tour de France. It started in the Netherlands that year and wound its way through Belgium on the way to France.

Back then, I had only been on the job at VeloNews for a couple of months. This was my first dive into the world of race coverage, and by Stage 3 — which started in Belgium — the peer pressure from my colleagues Caley Fretz and Andrew Hood to start drinking coffee became too much to bear.

I became an official coffee drinker that day. And lo and behold, I could keep my eyes open for the entire day! (Which was fortunate, because when you cover the Tour de France, your days last a very, very, very long time.)

We had a shot of espresso that morning as the Tour’s caravan marched past us. Before the riders were slated to show up, we had a bit of time to kill. So I worked off my post-espresso jitters with a solo wander through the centrum, mostly away from the gathering crowds right in the heart of Antwerp.

Bikes are everywhere in Antwerp. They lean casually in every alleyway and are locked to every available bar, pipe, or protrusion. This one sat in repose at the intersection of two alley ways, its front wheel taking in the morning sunshine and the blaring music from the passing caravan.

I snapped this photo and as I look at it, I can smell espresso.

I’d be honored if you’d download this photo for $10 so I can continue to create all these great videos and stories for you.

Download the image here