In The Garage, Episode 1

With Karen Jarchow!

With all the videos I’ve been making for various media outlets, I figured it couldn’t hurt to make a few for this here lovely little newsletter o’ mine.

So enjoy episode 1 of "In The Garage”, in which I lure cool people into my garage full of bikes (and whiskey) and convince them to let me interview them.

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In the Garage, episode 1: Karen Jarchow!

For those of you who don’t know Karen Jarchow, well, you should. And now you can! Just watch the video, in which I get her to answer pressing questions like, “Do you remember the combination to your high school locker?”

We talk about serious stuff, too. Karen is a pro endurance mountain biker, but she also runs Vail Valley RIDE (formerly the Vail Valley Alternative Sports Academy). She started it after a conversation with Rebecca Rusch, who essentially encouraged Karen to follow through on creating the changes she wanted to see in the cycling world.

So Karen started working with kids in the Vail Valley to teach them how to care for our world.

Click on the image above to meet Karen. She’s rad. I like her and you should too!

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SHOT OF THE DAY: Gelato in Venezia

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I snapped this shot in Venice all the way back in 2016 on a hot day among the throngs of tourists. Venice is an incredible spot, even if it is a tourist hub. Every corner hides something magnificent. The further away you get from the square, the more magnificent the secrets get.

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Fun stuff I’ve been writing

I’ve been reading a lot of patents lately…which is actually more fun than it sounds. I’ve been seeing what all the big brands are up to and what they might be releasing into the wild before too long — like the weird hydraulic junction for Shimano’s GRX sub-levers. Click on the photo to read all about it.

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