In the Garage with author Adelaide Perr

Degloved: Every Scar Has a Story

Degloved: The brutal side of the headlines

Another episode of “In The Garage” is ready for your perusal! Click on the image to watch the video.

In 2014 Adelaide Perr was riding her bicycle on US 36 in Boulder, Colorado when a car pulled out in front of her at an intersection and stopped there. Perr collided with the car and spent the next several days in a coma, with multiple severe injuries on top of that.

At first, news media reported the incident from the police perspective, laying much of the blame on Perr. But after an extensive and exhausting fight to get it right, the driver was finally found to be at fault.

Perr wrote a book about her traumatic experience called "Degloved: Every Scar Has a Story" in which she recounts what she recalls of the collision; the aftermath physically, mentally, and emotionally; and the court case that followed.


Rouleur Tech Podcast: I rumble with a Brit!

I know many of you missed my dulcet tones in podcast form. Fret not, for I am back in the podcast game, over at Rouleur Magazine!

This is the second episode, and while we’ll be switching up formats frequently, this is the second ‘debate’ style show I’ve done with Rouleur editor Peter Stuart, all the way across the pond in London.

Peter likes to think he’s beaten me in these debates, which I think we can all agree is simply impossible.

Judge for yourself!

America’s got talent indeed

It’s been an exciting week at the Giro d’Italia, with American Joe Dombrowski snagging a stage win and the climber’s jersey — only to punch a ticket home the next day after suffering a concussion in a late-stage crash.

But Dombrowski’s win shone a bright light on American cycling talent. Despite the decimation of the domestic race scene, there is still a wealth of American talent racing on the world stage. I wrote my market outlook for the men’s American field of riders: Who are the stars, future and past? Who’s looking bullish for 2021? Find out over at Road Bike Action.

Share Slow Guy on the Fast Ride

Wireless charging? Recyclable wheels? Technology Abounds!

I’ve been busy over at Bikerumor too. I finally got my longterm review of Revel’s RW30 wheels up and posted, and these are cool because they’re fully recyclable. It’s about time some companies put their money where their mouths are for the environment. This is by no means a perfect solution, but it’s a step forward, and a cool one.

And is FSA gearing up to deliver a wireless drivetrain…complete with wireless charging? I take a dive into a recently filed patent to explore the idea.


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