In the Garage with Ellen Noble

The Red Bull athlete is on the road to recovery...

Red Bull athlete Ellen Noble is on the mend

Ellen Noble’s 2021 race season was brief to say the least. At a U.S. Pro Cup mountain bike race in Arkansas earlier this year, Noble was taken down in a crash just after the start. And with that, Noble’s spine was fractured, and she was back in Boulder, Colorado starting the healing process.

But she has big ambitions: The privateer has started her own team, Noble Racing, and she’s got her eyes set on a big prize: The Olympics.

Noble joins me in the garage to talk about her injury and recovery, Noble Racing and the mentorship program she has started within that banner, and what it takes to motivate yourself to keep going when your body wants nothing more than to stop.

Check out this episode of In The Garage with Ellen Noble!


The Practical Still takes over Deerhammer Distillery!

Mark and I got the opportunity to drink more than our fair share up at Deerhammer Distillery in Buena Vista, Colorado. So naturally, we made videos about it.

Check out episode one here, in which we sample the American Single Malt, a growing category that has heaps of flavor.

And then check out episode two, in which we sip on the Four Grain Bourbon. We even drink out of glasses, like civilized adults…though later we just wandered around the rackhouse with big ol’ straws we stuck in random barrels. (Not even kidding.)

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