In the Garage with Squid Bikes

Emily Kachorek and Chris Namba field the important questions...

In the Garage (sort of) with Squid Bikes

Well, Emily Kachorek and Chris Namba, the founders of Squid Bikes, didn’t exactly come to my garage because they live a few states away. But we caught up via the miracle of the Interwebz to chat about the bike industry, racing, and Squid’s unique take on what a good bike should be.

Watch the full episode here.

But if you don’t have time for the full episode, you’ll definitely want to watch the shorter teaser video, in which Chris and Emily answer the important questions like what’s on their warm-up playlists.

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Boundlessly Unbound

CyclingTips was kind enough to send me to Kansas last weekend to cover Unbound Gravel. I got to witness a thrilling two-up sprint between Laurens ten Dam and Ian Boswell, and I got to catch up with a ton of wonderful racers on the women’s side like Jess Cerra, women’s 200-mile race winner Lauren de Crescenzo, Whitney Allison, and many more. Hope you’ll check out some of the galleries.

Oh, and I answer the age-old question: What pressure you runnin’?



I’m particularly proud of this piece I wrote for Rouleur Magazine. It’s all about the history of Shimano Total Integration, or STI. As it turns out, Keizo Shimano was quite the dedicated inventor.

By the time Shimano launched its Total Integration system — now a major part of cycling’s lexicon as STI — Keizo Shimano must have been hearing small clicks in his dreams. He must have heard chains whizzing across cogs faster than ever before, finally clicking home and cutting off silently to relent to the whir of rubber on pavement and hard breathing, a dazzling symphony of humanity and machinery. 

Read the rest of the article here.

The Practical Still takes over Deerhammer Distillery!

Mark and I had the wonderful privilege of heading up to Buena Vista, Colorado to sip whiskey straight out of the barrel at Deerhammer Distillery. Founder Lenny Eckstein educated us on young whiskeys, tasting notes, and creating a successful distillery without sourcing whiskey from the start.

Check out the first video from our visit here!

And if you’re into whiskey and want to learn more, definitely go over to The Practical Still newsletter and sign up!

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