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Pandemic conversation fatigue

Yep, it has set in for sure. It’s serious and important, which is why we need other things to talk about. Keep your family safe, keep yourself safe, but also, let’s stay sane and talk about something else here at the back of the pack.

At a loss for topics? Here’s a few for ya. (And feel free to share this newsletter with friends!)

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I have $25. Can I buy a good bottle of bourbon?

You betcherass you can. And fortunately for you, my good friend Mark and I describe exactly how to do it in the first episode of “The Practical Still” podcast. As it turns out, if you have a bit of basic knowledge, you can find a good bottle of bourbon that doesn’t live on the top shelf. And trust us; we’ve got a lot of bourbon-buying experience. (Some might say too much. But some would be wrong. It’s just the right amount.)

The coolest bike at the Tour de France?

Guys, I’ll be honest: I don’t think the Tour de France is gonna happen this year. In lieu of that, I’ll be forced (just like you) to look back at last year’s race to get me through the doldrums. I went to Brussels, Belgium last year to cover the Tour de France as usual, and while I was there, I spotted the coolest bike at the Tour. And it wasn’t a pro’s bike at all. Whose bike was it? Click here to find out.

New season, new kicks

A quick confession: I love shoes. Boots, dress shoes, sneakers…I love ‘em all. I’m fortunate to test out the best kicks cycling has to offer, and Rapha’s Pro Team Road Shoes recently landed on my desk. They’re knit, purple, and damn comfy. I’m not done testing them yet, but you can get a quick glimpse of my early impressions on VeloNews here.

The best thing I saw on the internet this week

Look, it’s dark times, guys and gals. But it ain’t all bad. Check this out:

It’s funny, after seeing this tweet, I had more hope than I had in months. These are frightening days and I think about my daughter’s future all the time. Every time I do, it’s mostly about doom and gloom.

But frankly, there have been moments over these last few weeks when I’ve seen Americans care for each other in ways they haven’t done in decades. That gives me hope. It’s important to remember that the middle class experience through all of this is very different than that of the poorest among us. So while some of us have the luxury of working from home and taking in this difficult moment from the top of a car as the sun sets over the horizon, let’s help those who don’t have the money/time/health/opportunity to do that. We can bring everyone up when the tide eventually rises again. Don’t forget that.


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