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Another week of social distancing down. My truck hasn’t left the driveway more than twice in two weeks, which means no traffic jams to sit in, no gas to guzzle, and no cursing at my fellow man. There are silver linings, are there not?

Fortunately, I’ve also been doing a bit of writing for your pleasure.

In this week’s newsletter, I’ve got you covered with a review of my favorite mountain bike on VeloNews, your weekly writing prompt on my website, some song recommendations for the end times (or at least when your week feels like the end times), and a compelling case for why you need to start a whiskey infinity bottle on The Practical Still.

Oh, and there’s still a great discount code from a small business. Scroll down to get the exclusive offer!

Stay safe, stay in, stay sane.


Revel Rascal review

Oh man. It’s rare I test a bike that’s so good I feel compelled to drop some coin on it. But I did just that with the Revel Rascal.

Read all about it on VeloNews.

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Writing prompt: I start, you finish

Got another one for ya! I write a lot of little bits and sentences and paragraphs, and many of them go nowhere. So here’s your opportunity to take an idea and run with it. I started the story, now you finish it. Post your short story in the comments on


Ten Songs For The End Times

Perhaps that’s a bit hyperbolic, but if you find yourself in need of some tunes to work out some anxiety, anger, or energy, here’s a playlist for you. Some drama, some fun, all great tunes.


Infinity bottles done right

Doing it right is easy because there's no way to do it wrong.

Over at The Practical Still, I wrote up a short piece about why you should start your own infinity bottle. Not sure what that is? It’s a pantload of awesome, that’s what! Go read about it here.

ICYMI from last week: 5 books to read while you’re on lockdown

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Small business shout-out!

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